2121 25th Street • Kenner, LA • (504) 471-0808

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Address:  2121 25th St., Kenner, LA. 70062

Phone: (504) 471-0808

Email: info@johnnytrauths.com

Hours of Opertation:  7am-7pm Mon/Fri


Quotes We've lived on the coast all our lives and do know who's who in the seafood business. Johnny Trauth's Seafood Bristo is most certainly the top of the line for catfish, poboys, hot wings, and atmosphere. No better hospitality could be asked for from a restaurant staff. By chance we were given a tour of the kitchen and and storage areas. I had worked as a manager in fast food years ago when I married my first wife so I do remember what is suppose to be and what is not suppose to be. Johnny's was by far excellent. Clean , fresh food and preparation areas and spotless food storage and food quality. Everything fresh and properly stored for the best quality preparation. The food was so delicious. I am considered to be a picky eater especially when it comes to seafood but the shrimp poboy was just melting in my mouth. Melting to soon since it was topped with the real thing in seafood.

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Quotes 5.0 star rating Johnny Trauth's Rocks Searched up and down Vet's and Williams looking for someplece new when shopping in the city. We are from Houma, about 70 miles from this place. Picked this place out of the blue. Catfish was awesome and everything was great. Went back a month later. AYCE Snow Crabs is the special. I hate eating crabs because i suck at peeling them? too much work for the little meat. But I never had snowcrabs. Wife wants the catfish again and talks me into the crabs so we can swap if I dont like them. They were friggin AWESOME. Everyone in that joint was tearing up crabs left and right. Even if I didn't have business in New Orleans we would make the drive from Houma for their menu. We will return and I wanna try their steak next time.

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